Keberly Photography specializes in unique high school graduate and senior photos. Servicing Livonia, Farmington, Novi, Northville and Southeastern Michigan.

girl in blue dress and heels in alley at st. andrew's hall detroit cheerleader doing leaping aerial on field american coney island detroit michigan northville baseball player extending bat out boy in blue polo shirt sitting on a black metal bench male standing in scaffolding with lime green tie and fedora actor in prop room with green telephone dancer in black lycra outfit doing a right jump portrait of girl with topaz jewelry and long flowing hair boy in green dri fit lacoste shirt against blue sky boy in blue flannel leaning against window sill stevenson cheerleader standing in open field girl in denim shirt and cream knit scarf at botanical garden in late fall girl in wildflowers wearing orange eyelet dress girl in eyelet dress and denim jacket against fall sky girl in sun dress and denim Levi's jacket laying in tall reeds baseball player sitting in dugout shot through fencing pitching throwing from stance on a mound student playing drum kit on street corner of downtown Detroit girl in valley with warm sun lighting up hair girl on detroit riverwalk by lighthouse and yachts girl in huge wicker sun hat girl in strapless blue dress standing in door frame girl sitting in horse stable with leather and jeans and boots boy in suit with gas masks girl with blond hair caught in breeze girl in red dress against rod iron gate holmes hawks long jump team basketball player doing cross over in alley boy is western cowboy shirt and hat with guitar case student in suit against Michigan Medical Building Stevenson Track and Field Pole Vaulter 2012 All State Churchill Girls Country Team sunrays bursting throw wind blown hair girl sitting on bench sketching with crayons in notebook boy in western shirt with fall colored leaves northville high school pitcher in the windup skateboarder by abandoned warehouse girl with sweater and plaid scarf girl with yellow hat over face dog jumping over girls head Senior portrait in grass with guitar cheerleader tossing pom pons in the air J. Crew shirt with red tie blowing in the wind boy playing guitar against old train covered in graffiti snow boarders in urban setting on dirt mound golfer with club and bag overlooking dirt mound girl with notebook writing in open field sreet shot in downtown with wide angle senior photo in Nickels Arcade, Downtown Ann Arbor senior portrait girl with flower barette Stevenson High School graduate with dog golden retriever senior portrait with guitar Eagle Scout High School Senior portrait boy in alley sitting on chair wearing a derby dramatic graduate photo in grass graduate photo at Mill Race Park Northville

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“The pics are beautiful. You are gifted! Thank you for everything.”
—Marla D., Livonia