M Go Blue: Ryan and Michelle Engagement

We have to admit, we’ve never been big fans of the Wolverines, and to be honest we couldn’t be happier Tom Izzo passed on the Lebron James sweepstakes. With this in mind nothing beats the beauty and architecture of downtown Ann Arbor. Ryan is a distinguished alumnus of the University. So, it seemed fitting that he and Michelle wanted to capture the essence of their time dating by returning to Nickels Arcade where he purchased her engagement band — a gorgeous arrangement of zircon and sapphire gemstones.

ann arbor + zircon + nichols arcade

Nickel’s Arcade

Michelle and Ryan are blissfully in love and they were very natural with each other portraying both the playful and romantic aspects of their relationship. Normally, the most challenging job a photographer faces is composing couples in a manner that depicts an accurate measure of what makes their relationship unique. Much of what we covered was genuine, spur of the moment reactions of how much Ryan and Michelle truly enjoy being together. We trust the following images, not only reflect their outgoing nature, but serve as a testament to a long lasting relationship.

ann arbor + nichola arcade

coffee shop + cafe + collage

hug + kiss + street

vintage + wide angle + cityscape

bottom of frame + city + retro

hi contrast + engagement

column + pillar + couple

engagement portraits ann arbor

crossing street + state street, ann arbor + casual engagement

The Michigan Theatre

The Michigan Theatre is a staple of downtown Ann Arbor and caters to a variety of entertainment interests. Ryan and Michelle wanted to get their picture taken in front with hopes of using the Marquee for their wedding announcement. Lucky for the couple, Ryan Keberly (1/4 CEO and resident tech wiz) was able to put his Photoshop skills to the work, and whipped a seemingly unnoticeable announcement. See the Before and After below.

setup + marquee + liberty street

Marquee Before and After

michigan theater custom marquee engagement

kissing engagement portrait

Graffiti/Gum Wall

“Hey, would you guys mind hopping into these garbage cans?” Before we could finish the sentence, the liners were out and the couple was eagerly holding hands despite the odd looks from resident Ann Arbor-ites. We quickly moved from the comforts of the trash cans to the subtle, secluded atmosphere of the famous graffiti/gum wall just down from Encore Records where Sweet Shoes performs tributes to Michael Jackson.

garbage cans + trash + liberty street

natural light + alley + graffiti wall

natural light + graffiti wall + retro effect

graffiti wall + couple

fisheye + graffiti + engagement

Ryan and Michelle wanted to leave their mark officially in the alley. Ryan was relieved as Michelle’s answer hasn’t changed.

spray paint + engagement + graffiti

setup + lighting + alien bees

before and after + spray paint + kiss

Talk about retro. This shot still makes Jordache jeans sound cool.

graffiti wall portrait

Water Fountain/Michigan League

Can’t knock U of M for its many traditions. In this case the fountain outside the Michigan League, where students walk through one way at orientation, then in reverse upon graduation. In typical Michigan weather fashion, the forecast was a moist 88 degrees with humidity close to 100% – the threat of thunderstorms lurked on the horizon the entire morning. What a perfect time kick off our shoes and cool off on, near or even in the fountain!

water fountain + engagement

sidelights + alien bees + water fountain

kissing in fountain + water

splashing water + water fountain

romantic kiss + water fountain + ann arbor

engagement portrait in university of michigan fountain

converse all stars + sandals + water + macro

Hail to the Victors!

Hard to believe our two hour session flew by so quickly. Happy to rendezvous with families who spent the morning at the Hands on Museum. Time to cool off at the Jolly Pumpkin to enjoy the comforts of family, food and fresh home brew.

family + hands on museum + streets

keberly brothers + cropped photo + graffiti wall + ann arbor

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  1. Michelle and Ryan says:

    Team Kebs,

    Thank you so much! The pictures turned out great! I can’t stop looking at them and now I’m counting down the days until we get to do it again (almost 365 ha). You all are very talented and we appreciate you capturing our engagement in such an awesome way.

    Many thanks

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