Halloween with Team Kebs

As we wind-down Keberly Photography’s busiest year ever, we managed to sneak in a few fun Halloween portraits. Check out these seriously silly shots from the Team Kebs Halloween Extravaganzza.

Representin’ the West Side (of Livonia)

Yo, yo, yo… I got more rhymes than… uh… something, something, something…

And you thought that Russ did his best work from behind the lens! Teacher gets an A+ for effort on this costume.

Rap halloween costume with diamond grill teeth

rapper halloween costume

rapper in puffy coat

Detroit rapper halloween costume

The Album Drops!

Now available on CD, LP, 8-track and cassette!

fake rap album

Spider-Man’s Venom

Log-Man flexes his muscles, dressed as his favorite Spider-Man villain.

child in Venom Spider-Man costume

three-year-old in superhero halloween costume

Black Spider-Man Venom Costume

Studio Setup

A little more chaotic than your typical photo shoot — Nana Sally helped to corral the Keblets while Papa Kebs provided the coverage!

indoor photography studio setup


Jinkies, Scooby-Doo there’s a mystery to be solved — Kiki becomes a “meddling kid” every Halloween!

woman in Velma halloween outfit from Scooby-Doo

Velma halloween outfit looking for clues


Mason wore his Scooby-Doo costume every day during the week of Halloween, asking, “is it time to go Trick-or-Treat yet?”

Pro-tip: Feed your little one some Scooby Snacks so that he’ll hold still for photos!

child in scooby-doo halloween costume

scooby-doo halloween outfit

three-year-old in scooby-doo costume


Janell gives our little Corpse Bride some finishing touches.

make-up stylist on photography assignment

Corpse Bride

Brynn goes all-out with her costume — recycling her flower girl dress from Uncle Marshall’s wedding.

child posing as corpse bride for halloween

child lying in leaves posing in corpse bride halloween costume

Corpse Bride Setup Shot

keberly photography setup

Corpse Bride in the Studio

girl dressed as corpse bride


¡Yo soy El Guapo! A little Luchadore action from Ryan.

man in Mexican Luchadore wrestling mask

Luchadore wrestling Halloween costume


Xtra-large Batman meets xtra-small costume!

adult wearing child's batman costume

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for looking, and laughing, with us — see you next year for another spook-tacular series of photos. Maybe we can even convince Janell to dress up!

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